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Holden Car Parts Brisbane

Latest cars for wrecking are at the top of page. These Holden vehicles are for wrecking only. Photographs taken upon arrival and are not updated.

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Our Brisbane wrecking yard contains a wide variety of Holden models for wrecking. Call us today for Holden cars, car parts and our cash for cars offer.

Holden Wreckers & Spare Parts

Holden, previously known as General Motors Holden, is an Australian born and bred automobile importer. Initially an automobile manufacturer based in Port Melbourne, Victoria the company now sells the remaining stock of locally produced range of vehicles and imported General Motors products. All australian made Holden vehicles are produced in Elizabeth, South Australia. At the close of 2017, Holden is no longer manufacturing cars, however the design center will remain in place and the company will continue to play a part in the import and export of goods. Holden wreckers will continue to resell many Australian made Holden parts.

Boss Wrecking

Boss Wrecking has been providing its clients with quality Holden parts and superior service for over 25 years. If you are looking for spare Holden spare parts our 9 Acre Superstore has what you need for a good price. Whether you need parts for your Holden, or a new engine and gearbox our experienced staff will be there to assist you. Boss Wrecking has new cars arriving to its yard every day so if you don’t find the best Hyundai part you are looking for today, you’re sure to find it tomorrow.

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