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Kia Car Parts Brisbane

Latest cars for wrecking are at the top of page. These Kia vehicles are for wrecking only. Photographs taken upon arrival and are not updated.

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The largest range of Kia models for wrecking in Brisbane. Visit Boss wrecking for all your Kia wrecking needs.

Kia Wrecking & Spare Parts

Kia was founded in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry in South Korea. Kia began as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts and became an established automotive manufacturer in 1973. Kia believes in respecting people and practising environmental management in order to pursue balance and share growth with investors. They aim to create people – focused, eco-friendly technology that will continue to grow into new lifestyle spaces. Kia parts are designed with the customer in mind and maintain quality for years. Many Kia wreckers continue to sell Kia parts in fine condition, long after their initial sale.

Boss Wrecking

Boss Wrecking has been tirelessly providing its clients with incredible service and high quality Kia parts for over 25 years. Our 9 Acre Superstore houses everything you need in regards to Kia parts, and at a great price. If you are on the hunt for new Kia parts, or a new engine and gearbox our passionate staff are always ready to assist you. Boss Wrecking has new cars arriving at its yard every day so if you don’t find the best Kia part you are looking for today, you’re sure to find it tomorrow.

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