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Mitsubishi Car Parts Brisbane

Latest cars for wrecking are at the top of page. These Mitsubishi vehicles are for wrecking only. Photographs taken upon arrival and are not updated.

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Visit our wrecking yard for a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles for wrecking. Our Mitsubishi cars and car parts self-fitter or fitted by us upon request.

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Mitsubishi Wrecking & Spare Parts

Mitsubishi group was initially founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki. The company worked to build war aircraft during WWII before being targeted for dissolution in the post-war era. This dissolution resulted in Mitsubishi being comprised of 40 separate groups, one of which being Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Under this group, we find Mitsubishi Motors, the 6th largest car manufacturer in Japan. Wreckers in Brisbane are constantly on the hunt for new Mitsubishi parts to supply to our customers, particularly Boss Wrecking Brisbane and there’s good reason for it. Mitsubishi are highly committed to developing new groundbreaking technology and have a strong passion for ever-improving their safety systems.

Boss Wreckers Brisbane

Boss Wrecking Brisbane is one of the top wreckers in Brisbane. Every day gives us the opportunity to tirelessly help our loyal customers. From dusk till dawn Boss Wreckers energetic staff are on the search for high-quality car parts. Boss Wrecking Brisbane is a proud supplier of a range of Mitsubishi products and constantly have new parts arriving in store. See Boss Wrecking Brisbane today for all your Mitsubishi needs.

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