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Jeep Wreckers and Spare Parts

In june 1940, on the brink of World War II Bantam, Willys and Ford came together to produce a ¼ ton light reconnaissance vehicle for the army, collectively labelled as Jeep. From there the brand grew into one of the most highly regarded off-road automobile manufacturers across the globe. It’s most well known range, Jeep Wrangler put the company on the map, running with the tide Jeep is continually updating and re-designing its ranges. Their motto Go anywhere, Do Anything rings true though every design with durable, quality Jeep parts continuously being put to the test. As new models are continuously being designed, Jeep wreckers are always collecting well maintained jeeps spare parts.

Boss Wrecking

Boss Wrecking has been providing its clients with quality Jeep parts and superior service for over 25 years. If you are looking for spare Jeep spare parts our 9 Acre Superstore has what you need for a good price. Whether you need parts for your Jeep, or a new engine and gearbox our experienced staff will be there to assist you. Boss Wrecking has new cars arriving to its yard every day so if you don’t find the best Jeep part you are looking for today, you’re sure to find it tomorrow.

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